When I need to think about anything, where are my thoughts, where are coming from and what affects their quality?

I want to talk of this because it is a subject touched by Stefano Todesci, Theatre Director and Public Speaking Coach, during a conversation and by my daughter.

I have always considered my mind like computer hardware with an unknown peripheral where the feeling resides. To operate it needs software, indeed a newborn is equipped only with a Bios making him capable of basic functions.

This is where the architecture of the software is very important, we all know the…

In the ’90s a young girl, that we’ll call Alice was sitting on a bar in Athens, Greece drawing her ideas on a notebook while talking her thoughts out loud, the waitress was serving a hot fragrant coffee. Their sight crossed for a second.

Another customer moved by curiosity approached Alice. Hi, I’m Gregory, I couldn’t avoid listening to your mumbling and I am intrigued by your ideas, tell me more about it. Alice explained she had a plan to start a company with a great vision, but lacking funds and expertise’; frustration was growing.

Gregory did really like the…

How many time we have read, better to look for a good boss rater than a good company?

I did stop thinking on the feasibility of the above and reached a few conclusions I want to share with you.

The first consideration, if this is real, it applies only for an elite and it is a condition limited in time.

Once upon a time, there was long term employment.

Today average retention for a company is 80/90% it means every year 10/20% of the employees leave or are let to go.

Millennial do not expect to stay more than 3 years in the same organization.

Cost of replacing a skilled employee is an average of 200% of their annual salary.

To complete a new hire process, it cost around 4500 USD and it takes on average 52 days.

Almost all of those jobs are not directly advertised, they appear on Companies web site or by the word of mouth.


So much has been written, so many courses to teach people how to apply this concept in real life.

Just a few days ago I was having a conversation on the subject and how things changes. Then I start a more introspective trip relating to my life.

I was ready to conquer the world and make the difference some seasons ago… (just not to say many years ago!) at least that was the feeling and the intention.

I can’t recall a strategy, a real plan on where I was going or how to achieve it. It was more of an…

I lost the count of the interviews I have been called to assist in my career. After a while you realize how stereotyped they are in most of the cases. People try to tell you in less than half of an hour how good they are at something.

You want to have a successful interview? Tell me what you did wrong!

Let me understand what experiences have you done and how you built up your know-how. What your mistakes did teach you.

It is unluckily to happen for you to repeat the same mistake again. If you understood the reason…

When someone approach me telling “I show you how to do it”, I usually thrill.

If something I learnt ageing, is that nothing is more detrimental than follow a procedure. I can feel many jumping on the tables already. Don’t get me wrong. There are situations where procedures must be followed, but this applies only for a process, a routine.

Recently I have been asked what to do to have success (they assumed I have, first mistake), I revert the question back, define success! …

This is a story about a guy who believed in perfectibility.

Grown up in the most challenging environment brainwashed that only the best can win and if you are not the best one you are no one. I did believe that.

Any tasks I have entertained, every activity, ludic or professional, I have had only one target in mind. Be the best. The best at school, the best in sports, I did commit so much in my activities that I have collected an unbelievable number of certifications about different disciplines, don’t worry I am not going to list them here.

Resilient is possibly the definition that best suits me. But this is not about me, it’s about the overwhelming feeling the people around me transpire. It is like walking at the bottom of a huge mountain knowing an avalanche is ready to fall. I have recently left Facebook, best decision ever, but negativity is now attacking from LinkedIn. I have plenty of connections complaining about their situations — no job, no business — and, honestly, ninety-five percent of my new connections are people looking for a job. Should I isolate myself and get off from all social media completely? Maybe…

How good are you and how good is the company you work for?

Most people want to perform above average and to be an essential part of an organisation. The truth can be bitter and disappointing. These are few tips to start questioning yourself and your organisation:

1 Are people leaving the company or talking about quitting?

If people are leaving even if your company is making money, then probably the people leaving are the best people, taking advantage of their success to enhance their resume and get hired by another brand. …

Massimo Brebbia

I believe in H.O.P.E. Helping Others Pursuing Excellence

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