Massimo Brebbia

Nov 5, 2020

3 min read

Something to know about recruitment

Once upon a time, there was long term employment.

Today average retention for a company is 80/90% it means every year 10/20% of the employees leave or are let to go.

Millennial do not expect to stay more than 3 years in the same organization.

Cost of replacing a skilled employee is an average of 200% of their annual salary.

To complete a new hire process, it cost around 4500 USD and it takes on average 52 days.

Almost all of those jobs are not directly advertised, they appear on Companies web site or by the word of mouth.

Overall almost 80% of the job opportunities are filled internally or via networking.

What you may find hard to believe is that the average number representing passive job seekers, I mean people with employment, but not happy and too scared to openly look for another job, it is 75% of the workforce.

Networking is hunting ground for Head-hunters. Companies assign mandate to find the perfect candidate that fits the requirement and successfully working for another organization. Now if you are thinking how much time certain individuals spend on Facebook and Instagram and they could have built a professional network instead, you are right. Your professional profile talks about who you are.

Recruiters instead work on a different level; they receive the job requirement from a company, and they find the most suitable candidate for that job description from a pool of existing personnel. Competition is harder at this level and even a misplaced comma in your CV can make the difference between an interview and a rejection. Be aware the average ratio for a position and applicant is average 250 to 1 for corporate positions, to reach 7000 to 1 for some jobs, Nursing, Accounting, Labourer and other where the offer is higher.

A recruiter spends an average of 6 seconds to review a CV. 87% of them use LinkedIn as a mean to check on candidates. ATS present only the top 20% of scanned CVs, so if the recruiter does not answer you, don’t be offended, they do not even know you have applied, never come to see your CV.

How to maximise the chances to get a job considering the numbers above? It should be plenty of demand. It is, but you may be looking for candies into the blacksmith shop. Be sure you find the right hunting ground. If there is a takeaway is the following: Employer tends to favourite on attitude and soft skills rather than hard skills. 91% of employers prefer their candidates to have work experience, but of this 91%, only 65% prefer their candidates to have relevant work experience.

This should clarify you must study the company you are going to apply; know how they work and how they employ. Approach existing employees, Introduce yourself.

Build your case, be ready, create the network, meet the HR. Even if they said not today, they will never say never. In the current market scenario, it takes seven months to find a job. Every day sitting home waiting for the miracle will add up to this time.

Don’t be a passive job seeker, work will not land by magic on your doorstep, bills do.

You know what you are good at, think of an industry and a company you could work for. Don’t worry, they have a vacancy and if not, they will have soon, it is a question of time and statistics.