To Find a Job it’s hard work

In the ’90s a young girl, that we’ll call Alice was sitting on a bar in Athens, Greece drawing her ideas on a notebook while talking her thoughts out loud, the waitress was serving a hot fragrant coffee. Their sight crossed for a second.

Another customer moved by curiosity approached Alice. Hi, I’m Gregory, I couldn’t avoid listening to your mumbling and I am intrigued by your ideas, tell me more about it. Alice explained she had a plan to start a company with a great vision, but lacking funds and expertise’; frustration was growing.

Gregory did really like the vision and being an entrepreneur, offered to fund her project.

It is at this point Alina, the waitress, said: I am an engineer and I lost my job due a retrench and I am waiting for the right opportunity; I really like your vision and I will be happy to work with you offering my technical competencies.

In this very magic moment, a company was founded. An individual with an idea, an investor and an employee, all moved by the same values, joined their efforts. The recipe for success.

I have been running the business for over 25 years and interviewed hundreds of candidates. The most successful people I have employed had in common the same approach.

You are now looking at graduation as a milestone in your life and this is correct. But what is next?

Find a job.

First, acknowledge the fact that finding a job is a job in itself that requires some skills and understanding.

You chose your friends; you bond with people that share your values and believes and you spend good time making experiences and growing as a human being. How long would you stay with someone does not like what you do, does not share your ideas and act in conflict with your values?

Work is the same, how long will you survive in a company where you are isolated? There are some steps you have to take before you start this journey.

1. Identify the dream job — What you would do as an occupation, if the salary was not a problem, what you decide now will have a great impact on your life.

2. What compromises are you prepared to accept — Maybe for some of you the right company does not exist, you may have to accept a compromise or start up your own company.

3. List your Values and most important what changes you would like to make with your work, that will improve the community.

Now the fun begins, you have clear in mind your field of expertise and so you start to look for companies that are on the same field. It is important you take track of your search, an excel file will do.

List the name of the company, the website address and the values proposition, every company in the main page mentions their values. There are two boxes you want to tick, this company operate in the field I want to work, this company values overlap with mine partially or in full.

Set your comparison’ terms:

The list can be as long it is necessary to be, until you have clearly identified at least three suitable options.

Next step is to connect with people already working there, LinkedIn is one of the tools you can use, surely the company you have selected have a presence, search for the company name and you will also find people. Connect and start to interact, ask about their job, about the company culture. You want to understand if what you have read on the organization website is reflected in the day by day company life. You can also contact former employees to have the other side of the coin view. That information should add to your score column.

Now you have to approach the company. The research work you have done before is the key to open the door. Using one of the connections you made, or directly approaching the HR department, you have to explain what you did to come to the conclusion this company is the place you want to be.

In doing so, you are telling the employer you are not looking for a salary, but you are looking for a career.

I am a decision-maker and like many like me, we want to employ people that are looking for a career and they can show us why they want to work with our organization sharing the same values.

We are Alice, Gregory and Alina.




I believe in H.O.P.E. Helping Others Pursuing Excellence

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Massimo Brebbia

Massimo Brebbia

I believe in H.O.P.E. Helping Others Pursuing Excellence

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